This week we caught up with Julie Johnson, founder of the Thrive Collective and Thrive Health Hub and ambassador for The Aloe Vera Company. Julie is passionate about health and wellness, working in the wellness industry for 10 years now. Her main focus is helping her clients with gut health and has teamed up with wellness professional around the globe and has a close team that she works with daily to offer her clients wellness information. She recently ran an event on Gut Health and Nutritional Cleansing’ receiving an amazing response from all that attended.  

After moving from London to Australia early last year, Julie is looking to expand her business by educating Australian’s on gut health and showcasing innovative natural products that have changed her life for the better.  

Julie shares how she is helping Australians ‘thrive’ and gives us her three tips for business success. 

Tells us a bit about Thrive? 

I’ve worked in the wellness industry for 10 years now, starting out as a skin therapist. I loved helping women walk out de-stressed and feeling good about themselves. I was introduced to a range of products that helped nutritionally and topically, and the difference in mine and my client’s skin, energy, joints and mood after taking these was incredible. My clients and my family were essentially ‘thriving’ in all aspects of wellness. I soon became obsessed with health and wellness and have spent the last five years focussing solely on this, with my main focus being on helping my clients with their gut health. I have teamed up with wellness professionals from all over the globe and have a close team that I work with daily to offer our clients wellness information from a multitude of professions. I love helping these individuals and businesses grow their customer base and profits further by working alongside us.  

What type of clients do you work with? 

I would love to be specific, but anyone from babies to the elderly! We recommended a range from Forever The Aloe Vera Company, as the quality of the products is incredible, and they are mostly all based around the medicinal Aloe Vera plant. They have a range of 200+ natural products, so there is something for everyone. Essentially many of my customers are those that have gut issues and the side effects of poor gut health. For example, skin issues, allergies, low energy and mood.  

You recently travelled to Stockholm for the global conference, what are three things you learnt that would inspire others? 

Yes, I love travel, so the fact I get to travel with this business is a big plus for me. The Stockholm event was the biggest I’ve been to yet, with 17,000 business owners there!   

The three things I learnt were: 

  • To never give up. We heard from  Karina Hollekim – a base jumper who got a second chance after a near death experience. She was inspirational and motivational.  
  • That this business is about helping others. The more you help, the better the rewards. 
  • That team work is essential. We are all independent business owners but having the support and online training from a global company in 160 countries is incredible.  

On 24 July 2019 you hosted the ‘Gut Health and Nutritional Cleansing’ event. What do attendees take away from these events? 

We had a great evening in Frankston. The feedback was fantastic. We had members of our Thrive Community talking and giving their industry specific take on gut health. Nicole from Connect Chiropractic in Noble Park provided attendees with the physiological background to our gut and the guts own nervous system. I spoke about the microbiome, and pre and probiotics. I explained the difference between them and how to introduce them into your diet through food and supplements, as well as speaking about nutritional cleansing. Finally, Christine from Your Body Hub in Berwick talked about the effect of stress on the gut and the natural therapies they offer at their wellness centre.   

What’s been your biggest highlight/achievement for your business? 

Achieving the travel and car incentives that our parent company offers, by simply sharing what I love with others.  

What’s your top tips for business success? 

  • Get out your comfort zone daily.
  • Remove yourself from negativity .
  • Never give up .

What’s next for Thrive? 

The aim to start creating more content for our customers with my growing team so we consistently have fresh and inspiring material to offer them, as well as innovative natural products.  

Since moving to Australia last year, growing the Australian side of my business is priority. I aim to have many more wholesalers across Australia so we cover all the major cities and places in-between. The global rally is coming to Sydney for the first time ever next May 2020 so I aim to have as many of my wholesalers (and customers if they wish) there as possible, to really see just how many people’s lives have been changed globally through our business.   

Julie’s bio 

Hi I’m Jules. I’m a mum of two pre-schoolers, wife to Ryan and I’m currently living in Patterson Lakes. We moved from London to Melbourne early last year, and we are loving the outdoor lifestyle that Patterson Lakes and the Peninsula has to offer, as well as the friendly nature of the Australians we’ve met. Seeing my kids living this lifestyle has made the whole upheaval totally worthwhile to us. I’ve been in the wellness industry for nine years now, and as my current business is global, I was fortunate to be able to pick up my business here, helping Australians Thrive!  

Read more about Julie and her work here

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