Have you done an audit of your marketing activities recently?

Completing an audit of your marketing will help you understand what activities are working and the ones that aren’t. By doing this exercise on a regular basis you can make informed decisions on where to invest your marketing budget in 2020 and beyond.

Here are some questions to help you get started on your marketing audit:

👉 Do my current marketing activities still support my business goals and overall marketing strategy? 

👉 Have I measured whether my marketing activities are giving me return on investment on my marketing spend? 

👉 Which marketing activities are generating the best results and why? 

👉 Are there marketing activities that are not working and why? 

👉 Do I believe that my marketing activities and messages are consistent and engaging my target audience? 

👉 Is there anything new happening in my industry or with my competitors that may alter my marketing activities going forward?

A marketing audit will provide you with areas that may need a little improvement and even identify new opportunities that you may not have seen before.

Are you ready to give your marketing a boost in 2020?

Contact Hadleigh & Co to maximise your marketing and get us to do a fully personalised marketing audit report for your business. We can help provide written recommendations on the changes you can make to improve your marketing, increase growth and start talking to your audience, not at them.



Need help with planning your marketing? 

At Hadleigh & Co we are a professional marketing consultancy for small to medium sized businesses. We strive to understand our clients’ business to provide the right advice and successfully execute tailored marketing solutions that work. By investing in us, our advice could help you to prioritise and focus to effectively allocate your time and resources helping you achieve more return on investment from your marketing budget. 

Our marketing packages

We have created three marketing packages to step you through the marketing and business development process from planning to delivery your key targets for successful growth. They can be tailored to suit the individual business needs. 

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Contact us today to book your free 30 minute business marketing consultation and explore how our services could help benefit your business. We will get to understand your business goals, the challenges you may be facing and what it is that you want to create to take your business further. 

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At Hadleigh & Co. we are a professional marketing consultancy for small to medium sized businesses, sole traders and start-ups.
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