Outsourced marketing support

Price based on project requirements

Do you need extra marketing support so you can focus on your business?

We offer an outsourced marketing service for businesses that just might need extra marketing support at a particular time or who may not have an expert Marketing Manager at their fingertips.

We can take care of internal and external communications, campaigns, digital and social media platforms, event management, copywriting requirements and more. We’re here to implement agreed tasks from marketing plans through managed timeframes and regular progress meetings to ensure your marketing is headed in the right direction.

We offer two outsourcing options:

  • Short-term retainer (3-months): this option would be ideal for small to medium sized businesses and start-ups who need extra help during busy periods.
  • Long-term retainer (6-months+): this option would be suited to growing small to medium sized businesses who need additional resources but aren’t wanting to invest in permanent staff.

What you will get:

  • Marketing and business development personnel with more than 20 years’ experience
  • Open and honest communication throughout the project
  • Coordination and development of all agreed marketing activities from start to finish so you can focus on running your business
  • Reassurance that your marketing activities are in capable hands and are being delivered in a professional and timely manner

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Kate Coleridge and Tanya Lund worked with me as volunteers on the Board for Viva Royal Children’s Hospital (VivaRCH), a Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation Auxiliary, raising vital funds for the provision of pain management programs and machinery / technology for children with acute and chronic pain from serious injuries, long-term and life-threatening illnesses. Therefore, the entire RCH is helped by VivaRCH.

Kate and Tanya’s commitment and passion, which combined with their organisational skills and experience ensured all fundraising initiatives and activities were completed at a high standard with a positive outcome, also due to their positive attitude.

Alexandra Lowen

Founder & Royal Children’s Hospital Manager, Viva Royal Children’s Hospital

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