As business owners balancing the effects of the pandemic, protecting your staff and trying to navigate your way forward as Government restrictions continue in Victoria and ease in other states, marketing strategies and plans will now need to be adjusted to suit your business now and post COVID-19.

Businesses face unique challenges with their marketing and we have been working with many of our clients to adjust their strategies and communication to suit the current market conditions. Amidst this crisis businesses should still be looking to market for the long term.

Here are some simple tips for keeping on top of your marketing:

👉 Review and update your current marketing strategy and plan. You may need to pause some campaigns or bring some forward that are more relevant. Understand what activities are a priority and ones that can be done down the track. Your plan will need to be flexible for this rapidly changing environment. Focus on a small number of marketing activities that you can achieve.

👉 Know what you want to achieve from your marketing now and for the long term and how it relates back to your overall business goals.

👉 Revisit your buyer personas to make sure they are still relevant to your target audience. With large scale events like the pandemic this may have changed. Consistently monitor your customer’s behaviours and buying needs. Looking into your customer engagement, survey data and really listening in to what your current customers are saying will provide you insights into shifting behaviours.

👉 Review your key messaging and tone of voice in all your communications. Most customers are still open to receiving marketing messages as long as the messages are empathetic to the current situation.

👉 Content is important but is even more so now. Many people are currently working from home and spending more time online. Your content needs to provide value to your target audience through authentic storytelling, provide knowledge and education or even something new your audience may not know about. In some cases, it may not be possible to promote your product or service due to a temporary shutdown. Are there other ways you can keep connecting with your customers?

👉 Marketing activities need to be done regularly to build brand awareness and engagement with your target audience. Planning and scheduling your marketing activities into your calendar can make sure you stay on top of your marketing.

Marketing is an essential component to any business. It helps to build trust with your audience to generate new leads into your pipeline and builds strong relationships with existing customers so they keep coming back for more. COVID-19 has changed the way we work, interact with people and everyday life. Rather than hold off on your marketing and wait for the world to come back to normal, why not evolve and learn and take a chance on adapting your marketing to new opportunities this ‘new normal’ may bring?

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At Hadleigh & Co. we are a professional marketing consultancy for small to medium sized businesses, sole traders and start-ups.
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