Strategic marketing planning session

Starting from $2,000 (excluding GST)

Feel like you need to get your business on track for growth and just don’t know where to start?

Book one of our strategic marketing planning sessions to give you a clearer direction and make you feel confident about your business going forward. Ideal for start ups or small to medium sized businesses that need help to prioritise and focus to effectively allocate time and resources helping you achieve more return on investment from your marketing budget in the short term.

In preparation for your strategic marketing planning session we will provide you with key questions to make sure we know more about you and your business. During your session we will go into more detail about your business, outline key marketing activities and objectives that will be focused around growth and create a short term marketing action plan.

What you will get from this session:

  • One to one marketing planning time with experienced marketers
  • A set of key marketing strategies to focus on for short term growth
  • Customised action plan listing key marketing activities for you to implement in the short term including success measures

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Check what our clients have said

After having a free marketing business consultation with Hadleigh & Co and seeing the value that these highly professional and passionate ladies could bring to my business I also signed up for one of their strategic planning sessions which was fantastic.

Tanya Lund and Kate Coleridge got to really understand my business goals, the challenges I was facing and the direction I wanted to take. I was impressed that I felt as well as getting to know my business goals they took the time to get to know my actual business, industry and my product. They took into consideration which strategies would work best for me and have given me a very clear direction and insightful advice which has made me feel confident about my business going forward. I have felt supported since our session and that I could approach them both if I had any questions.

I wish I had met these ladies at Hadleigh & Co a few months earlier but am truly thankful for the support they have given me and my business. I look forward to working with them again in the near future to grow my business further.

Julieann Brown

Director, Three Essential Drops

At Hadleigh & Co. we are a professional marketing consultancy for small to medium sized businesses, sole traders and start-ups.
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